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Manufacture & Exporter of: Electric Wire Hoists, E.O.T. & H.O.T. Cranes,Goods Lift/Cage Hoists, Jib cranes, Flame Proof cranes & hoists, Cable trolley & Precision job with material.


Crane Structure

The Crane bridge girder, end carriage and crab are manufactured of rolled section with box plate design. All the main butt weld joints are strong & rigid structure thus 100% reliability of welded joint is ensured. The material of construction confirms to IS: 2062-1992.

Wheel Assembly 

Long travel & cross travel wheels are straight threaded & double flanged forged steel & are heat treated to a depth of 15.20 mm. Wheels are supported on ant -functional ball & roller bearings & special block of 'L' type design for easy maintenance.

Gear Box

Totally enclosed oil immersed & splash lubricated reduction gears of rugged wide faced helical & spur gears that are precision machine cut from special alloy steel furging. Gears & pinions are supported on antifriction ball/ roller bearing to protect gear train from shock loads.


Brakes designed are of electro-hydraulic thruster brakes particularly for use in overhead traveling cranes located suitably. In traveling motions electro magnetic fail-to-safe shoe / disc type brakes are mounted directly on motors.


Flexible geared coupling are provided between gear box & motor to compensate miss alignment in double girder cranes. All geared coupling are provided between gear box and wheels in long travels & cross travels.

Rope Drum

Made up of seamless pipe and machine pipe grooved mounted on self-align ball bearings for smooth running. Rope guide is provided for winding of rope in drum groove.


Pendant control from the floor, master control switches & master controllers in the drivers cabin can be provided. Radio remote control can also be provided on request.

Limit Switch

To prevent over hoisting & over lowering of hook. Maintenance Maintenance platform with hand railing on drive side is provided.

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