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Manufacture & Exporter of: Electric Wire Hoists, E.O.T. & H.O.T. Cranes,Goods Lift/Cage Hoists, Jib cranes, Flame Proof cranes & hoists, Cable trolley & Precision job with material.

Double Girder E.O.T / H.O.T Cranes
Mech Tech Industries is one of manufacturer of Double Girder EOT Cranes Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes are designed with factor of safety in accordance to duty classification as per IS-3177. The structured parts of the cranes are designed and manufactured as per IS-807. Cranes are manufactured as per Customer’s requirement .The girders are supported at ends by rigid end carriages that house long travel wheels. The arrangement of end carriage is decided by application as well as number of long travel wheels that support the load. Crane capacity, runway rail size, duty classification of crane, LT speed are some of the factors that affect the sizing of LT wheels.
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