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Manufacture & Exporter of: Electric Wire Hoists, E.O.T. & H.O.T. Cranes,Goods Lift/Cage Hoists, Jib cranes, Flame Proof cranes & hoists, Cable trolley & Precision job with material.

Goods Lift
We have a wide range of goods lifts that are known for their ability to manage heavy loads. These lifts are well designed and are manufactured from high grade raw materials that ensures durability. Goods Cage is provided with a collapsible gate & with Goods Cage being guided by supporting guide structure / wall mounted T guide .Mech-Tech hoist is used for hoisting & lowering the Goods Cage from ground floor to top floor. Interlocking system & limit switches are provided for the lifting the material safely.

The lifting m/c, is mounted at top in m/c. room. The lifting is done with four rope construction and each rope has four fall construction. The special arrangement is made considering heavy loading and continuous operation.
Type of Goods Lifts:
• Cage Hoist type
• With Self supporting Structure / Wall mounted without self supporting structure.
• Flame Proof / Non- Flame Proof type
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